We are an independent charity and development organization founded in Nigeria in 2017 by a group of concerned postgraduate students.

With an intend program, we strive to make the world a better and fairer place for the people still living in poverty.

United Mercy Organization of Nigeria is a registered nonprofit charity dedicated to providing a complete approach to ending poverty through immediate relief and long-term solutions.

United Mercy Organization of Nigeria was founded and registered in 2017 with a mission to establish permanent sources of recurring aid for the needy as well as develop long-term plans through the construction of charity centers that are self-sufficient and self-sustained to not only offer immediate aid but to work directly in local communities for their betterment through education, youth programs, outreach and more.


United Mercy Organization of Nigeria is a registered non-profit organization based in Nigeria. We focus on building humanitarian coalitions to tackle developmental needs.

At UMN we believe everyone has a right to live free of poverty in a secure and more equitable world where they can fully realize their potential.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their race or religion, should have access to clean water, healthcare, earn a sustainable livelihood and have access to basic social services.



United Mercy Organization of Nigeria operates in Nigeria where average people living in poverty of under $1 per day. and over 8 million children suffer from malnutrition due to extreme poverty and its effects on society.  We are based in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria, the largest city in Africa.


United Mercy Organization of Nigeria is focused on long-term solutions while also providing emergency relief.

We provide different projects that allow us to be a part of the communities more than larger organizations doing just food distribution.

We are intending to establish educational programs, job training, business startup, youth outreach, community betterment, emergency aid and more for the local communities to drive them to self-sufficiency while having stable and increasing resources to distribute food.

Being a part of these communities and working with the local leaders and government census workers we can also identify the truly most needy better than any outside organizations and be even more efficient and effective.

We try to attain our purpose though/by advocating for change for the poor though raising, receiving and administering funds for various sectors (building of mosques, arabic and Tahfiz schools, Islamized western education schools, providing food, clothing and shelter).


We try to attain our purpose through delivering sustainable programs, educating the public, running campaigns, advocating for change and delivering humanitarian aid in disasters and conflicts.

We believe that all people, regardless of race and religion should have access to education, clean water, healthcare, earn a sustainable livelihood and to have access to basic social services.


[1] Reducing the Humanitarian Impact of Conflicts & Natural Disasters

[2] Empowering Local Communities to Emerge from Poverty & Vulnerability

[3] Mobilizing People & Funds to support our work

[4] Strengthening our Family