Save a soul: Feed a Family in Ramadhan 1439 A.H in Nigeria.

3,000 Nigerians die daily of hunger: NGO

Many Muslim families have no provision for the forthcoming Ramadan due to extreme poverty.

Make a step and get rewards, put a smile on the faces of non- privileged Muslim families in Nigeria.

One of the righteous predecessors  said, “It is better for me to invite ten of my friends and feed them delicious food they like than freeing ten slaves from the children of Ismaa‘eel”.

“Mohammed ibn Al-Munkadir said, “Feeding hungry Muslims guarantees the forgiveness of sins.”

Target families : 200

1 slot for a family costs: RM160 ($ 42)

A family will get the following package of food.

  • Half bag of rice (25kg)

  • Half bag of gari (Cassava flakes 25kg)

  • A gallon of palm oil

  • A life chicken

Venue: Ahlu – Sunnah Mosque, Adeleori, Olokete, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Distribution: 1st, 2nd & 3rd day of Ramadhan.

Account Details:

Account Number: 11225500296682.

Account Name: Akande Sheriff Abiodun.

Bank Name: Rhb Bank, Malaysia

 Swift Code: RHBBMYKL

Contact No: +01111856425, +60 14-635 7625, +60 16-224 7746

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